To all Colleagues interested in Lymphology and Related Pathologies

I would like to remember you the possibility to publish your presentations to the previous ESL Congresses in the journal EJLRP. No charge is required to publish your manuscripts. It is a very good way to diffuse your researches and experiences among the scientific world. The EJLRP is an open journal, it can be read freely through the ESL website. To this regard, I would like also to remember you all the possibility to send any material that you want to the ESL website in order to be evaluated for its presentation online directly on the website. These two ways of diffusion, the EJLRP and the ESL website, will help us to let our work be known all over the world and stimulate Colleagues interested in Lymphology and devoted to different fields of interest to get in contact among one another and create possibilities of exchanges.
Best regards, Francesco Boccardo
Dear members of the ESL,
As you all know the last ESL congress was successfully held in Mulhouse under the Presidency of our friend and colleague Amer Hamadè. As I said during the meeting, I would like to print the congress proceedings in the EJLRP journal. The congress president will send an email message to all participants to ask for their article within July 29, 2016. Afterwards, the manuscripts will be divided according to the topic and published in specific journal issues. Please send your  manuscripts to me, the Editor-in-Chief Pierre Bourgeois ( )and the Executive Editor Sandro Michelini (
Dear Chairmen of the Sessions of the last 42nd Congress of ESL,
As I said during the last ESL meeting in Mulhouse, I would like to publish a summary of each session on the ESL website. Please send it to me ( ) and to the web scientific coordinator Marina Cestari (, in order to be able to put it in the web soon. I do believe that this is a good opportunity to report the novelties in the different fields of research about Lymphology and stimulate the interest of people devoted to these pathologies.

Francesco Boccardo

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